Author: S.E. Meyer

ISBN: 9781484081310
Pages: 306
Description: An action packed, fast-paced, mystery sci-fi thriller like you’ve never read before!
Join the thousands of fans that have taken S.E. Meyer’s thrilling, fast paced, roller-coaster ride, deep into the thought provoking, controversial, yet compelling world of what we think we know to be true.

John Mitchell’s life in the small Midwestern town of Mill City Wisconsin is about to change forever. The animals in his lab at the Neuro Science Research center suddenly die, he learns gut wrenching news about his wife of ten years and the most important meeting of his career gets canceled when his boss mysteriously disappears.

After accidentally injecting himself with a serum made from the instructions scribed on a seven-thousand-year-old artifact John discovers he has new abilities and new blood-chilling enemies. He and his wife Jenny are soon running for their lives from the terrifying figures that will stop at nothing to protect the serum’s seven-thousand-year-old secret and retrieve the artifact needed to finish their plans.

On the run and searching for answers they are thrown into a world of ancient secrets, esoteric mysteries and a clandestine underground race when they become trapped in a cavern deep under the ruins of ancient Babylon. As millions of people around the world suddenly begin disappearing they learn the horrific news of the inevitable extinction of the Human Race. But when John discovers the hideously evil secret motivation of the ancient race that is supposed to be saving them he must rely on his new-found abilities to save the woman he loves, Earth and the billions of tortured souls locked deep within it.

All references to historical locations, religions, ancient writings and the representation of current beliefs of local peoples from around the world described in this novel are true.
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